Our Story

Rásza (ra·sa), Literally means "Juice, Essence or Taste"

It has different meanings in other countries and languages:
• Iranian and Afghan meaning: Expressive
• Lithuanian meaning: Dew
• Sanskrit meaning: flavor, sentiment, or emotion also enthusiasm
In Hindu aesthetics regarded as one of the fundamental qualities of classical music, dance, and poetry

.In Ayurveda tradition :
Rasa(taste) is, the essence of life and quite literally affects every aspect of our being – from structure and physiology, straight through to our overall state of mind and consciousness. Taste is considered critically important in determining the effect that various foods, spices, therapeutic herbs, and experiences will have on our state of balance – body, mind, and spirit.

Rásza café & Gallery

We try to find our way into a sustainable lifestyle by exploring, learning and sharing our knowledge, skills and experiences within a community. 
Rasza is our story on this path!Our Goals:
In Rasza community house:- We will promote green and healthy life style:
through creation of a community house where we build a bridge between “city life” and a conscious and sustainable lifestyle.